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Everyone Has Something

To Give

Everyone has specific gifts and talents unique to them. 1Nation1Day will place missionaries in over 15 different outreach opportunities of their expertise. We’ve built custom trips just for you.

Individuals & Families
Group Leaders

Anyone age 13+ can be a missionary. Set out on the journey with your friend or family to bring a message of love and hope to schools and communities along with an unforgettable cultural experience.

Medical Missionary

Treat, diagnose, prescribe, and share the love of Jesus. Anyone in a medical field can serve, including students currently enrolled in school. Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, and all assistants are needed.

Media Professional

Tell the Story! M.M needs you to film, shoot, interview, edit, export, and be creative! Experience a whole new world through the lens of a camera. Limited roles available. All Media Professionals will submit a media portfolio for approval by 1Nation1Day staff.


Share your gift of leadership with the team by leading a morning devo then impart spiritual wisdom into local church leadership. Let us create a custom schedule that makes the most of your valuable time.

Business Professional

Experience leadership conferences, school ministry, project openings, the historic 1N1D event, and connect with God in a whole new way – all packed into one long weekend on this shortened “Business Trip”. Only available in the capital city of Lima. No Short Trips will be available in other states.


Speak one on one to school faculty, in university forums, and/or minister in local churches! Limited roles available. All Influencers will submit a questionnaire with abbreviated resume for approval by the 1N1D staff and your Local Team Facilitator.

Clean Water Missionary

1Nation1Day will be building several large water filtration systems that will service entire communities. During the week, you’ll build, setup and dedicate several of these projects! Limited roles available. All CWM’s must have expert knowledge of common DIY work. Basic plumbing experience is preferred! CWM’s role is subject to approval by the 1Nation1Day Water Team Leader.


Lace up your cleats and step onto the mission field! The Athlete Missionary trip is a unique opportunity for individuals, teams, or coaches with athletic experience to use their skills to minister to young people around the world.

Take Your Group!

Take Your Group

Bring Your Group On 1Nation1Day

Whether you’re a student, parent, teacher, doctor, nurse, businessman, pastor, or just someone overflowing with the love of Jesus – there is a special and unique role for you on this team. 1Nation1Day will place missionaries in over 20 types of ministry opportunities. We’ll help you find something that suits your unique gifts and talents.

Take Your Group

Turn-key Missions Experiences

Missions.Me and 1Nation1Day specialize in organizing and creating turn-key group missions experiences for youth groups, college groups, and business groups. You bring passionate missionaries; we take care of the rest.

Stress-free Missions Is Our Specialty.

Before the trip, our state of the art online fundraising system gives your team the tools you need to fund your trips quickly and easily. Our leadership team will also give you everything you need to hold successful training meetings. We take care of all of your transportation, hotel, food and ministry schedule. Missions.Me will provide you with the flight itineraries, prepay baggage fees and be there waiting for you as your team arrives. As a leader, vision-casting and team building is all you’ll need to focus on.

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