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It’s An Injustice

By October 28, 2016June 20th, 2017No Comments

For centuries God’s plan, His church, has been dividing.

We’ve been separated by our difference – disconnected, disjointed, fragmented and fractured. We tirelessly work in the same harvest field with limited relationships with those working next to us.

It’s an injustice.

But what if that changed?

What if we united?

What if we set aside our logos and our labels?

What if we came together not for a brand but for who has branded us and what we have been branded for – the salvation, transformation, and discipleship of entire nations.

We must stand UNITED – one vision, one voice, one body working together.

Jesus’s prayer to his Father was that we would be one just as they are one.

You might be able to go faster alone but you will always go

Further Together.

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